Follow the following steps to describe a performance profile with the Baarda Performance Profiler.

Step 1: Create performance profile

  1. Click on the blue circle with your initials, in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Go to Personal and change it to Organization.
  3. Click on Performance profiles in the navigation bar. 
  4. Select the function/role you want to describe a performance profile for.
  5. Click on Edit and click on Create Performance profile.
  6. Choose a language and click on Continue.

Stap 2: Describe performance profile

  1. Purpose is customizable.
  2. Behaviour profile is not customizable.
  3. Result areas is customizable, select one or more result areas by clicking on the purple plus icon within the result area. You can customize the next now. The changes are visible in purple. 
  4. Learning dimensions is not customizable
  5. Open field
  6. Overview


The language can not be changed. 


Click on Download performance profile for a PDF document. 


It is possible to skip a customizable step by clicking on Skip this step