Monitor project progress and results

Would you like to receive an overview of who has and who has not completed the Baarda assessment? You can find the steps to monitor the project below.

  1. Click on the blue circle with your initials, in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Go to Personal and change it to Organization.
  3. Click on Projects and select the project that you want to view. 
  4. Select the role- and pathway level of the person that you want to view.
  5. Here you can read how to interpet the Baarda assessments results. 
  6. Select one of the assessments and click on the View answers button. 
  7. Optional: It is possible to download (PDF) the test results by clicking on the Download assessment results button. 


Only a project owner can view all the assessments. The assessors can only view their own assessment.


Behind the project are the initials of the assessors. When an envelope icon is shown the assessor received the assessment but has not yet finished it. If there is a green check icon the assessor finished the assessment.