Add teamleader in an existing team

By following the steps below you can add teamleaders to an existing team.

  1. Click on the blue circle with your initials, in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Go to Personal and change it to Organization.
  3. Click on Teams and select the team where you want to add a teamleader. 
  4. Click on the Edit button.
  5. Add 1 or more teamleaders by typing in the teamleaders name and selecting the right person. If there appeared a blue dot with the initials of the teamleader behind the team it means it is correct. 
  6. When you are done, click on the Save button.


It is only possible to add a teamleader with an active account.


Teamleaders can only access the data of the employees of his/her team. To see this data the teamleaders should have the following rights: "View ambitions progress & details team" and "Team employees management".


Selected the wrong teamleader. Click on the red cross in the blue dot with initials.