Ambitions are goals that you want to achieve within a certain period of time. In Proodoss we use two types of objectives: development objectives (Personal) and performance objectives (Business). More and more organizations are using the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) method (or a somewhat simplified derivative method) to determine the performance targets.


Personal development goalsSchermafdruk_2019-08-13_13.26.47.pngPersonal goals are about development. The development can take place in terms of knowledge and practical skills, but also in the development of competences and personal skills. You can also divide it  between work-related and private objectives. Although there is a grey area within the personal skills, we mainly focus on the development of work-related practical and personal skills.

Here you can read how you can make an ambition.


OKR and performance objectivesSchermafdruk_2019-08-13_13.26.47.pngOKR is a method that is used by many leading innovative, creative and knowledge-intensive companies.

OKR is all about focus, simplicity and short feedback loops. As a result, insights and improvements are easier to see and implement.

OKR therefore asks two simple questions:
1. What do I really want to achieve (Objective)?
2. How do I know if the goals have been achieved (Key Results)?

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