If you don't know exactly how roles work, take a look at the knowledge base item on Roles.

Note! This functionality can only be performed by the roles Human Resources and Human Resources Admin.

Customising roles works as follows:

  1. In the menu on the left, go to the Organisation section and click on Department and hierarchy.
    Note! When we talk about 'hierarchy', we mean the relationship between assessor and assessee. The Manager and Team Leader roles are assessors. The employees who fall hierarchically under them in Proodoss are assessed by them.
  2. The screen that opens shows the current hierarchy:

    The 'type' column indicates the position in the hierarchy. Proodoss has the types: Organisation, Department and Team. The type indicates which role can be linked to it:

    - The Organisation type is for HR roles only
    - The Department type for the role Manager (assessor)
    - The Team type for the role Team leader (assessor).

    In the three columns next to it, you see the icons of the people to whom one of the above three roles has been assigned.

    From this screen, you have two options: modify something in the existing hierarchy, or add something to the existing hierarchy.

Modifying a role

  1. Click one of the items in the existing hierarchy that you want to change (e.g. add or remove a person). Click edit.
    Note! The delete button is for deleting the entire department or team. To do this, you must first clear the item.
  2. Go through the three steps in the window that opens:
    1. Edit department: The department or team you are going to change. Click 'next' if this is correct.
    2. Roles in the department: here you can select the Team Lead or Manager (assessor).
      Icons with initials indicate who currently has the role. To remove someone, click on the small red cross in his/her initials.
      Select the person you want to add and click 'next'.
    3. Select employees: here you can add all employees to be assessed by this Team Lead / Manager.

Adding a role

  1. At the top right corner of the window you will find the buttons: Add department and Add team (teams can be created under a department, but no other teams can be created under a team). Choose which one applies.
  2. Go through the three steps in the window that opens:
    1. Add department / team: choose a name and select the department under which it will hang hierarchically.
    2. Roles in the department: see description under 'Modifying a role'.
    3. Select employees: see description under 'Modifying a role'.